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Manufacturing of crushers: 

  • With automatic or manual adjustment of the aprons. Without personnel intervention. Unique in the market (Option)
  • Equipped with manual hydraulic adjustment, very fast and convenient (no bolts) a unique system on the market
  • With a perfect wear and tear of the castings
  • With a complete speed control (Option)
  • Able to obtain very fine particle sizes even starting from hard particle sizes
  • With a large use of the wear parts, with Stone on Stone breaking
  • For shape correction
  • Secondary crushers capable of primary tasks and so possible saving of a jaw crusher
  • Capable of re-crushing 3/6 mm sizes
  • High production crushers optimizing electric power consumption
  • Special crushers for crushing / breaking up some metals
We also manufacture:
  • Special crushing chambers for dust (filler) control
  • Special accessories:
    • Tensioners for fast motor adjustment, comfortable and efficient
    • Feed chutes and crash boxes, anti-dust and anti-projections
  • Manufacturing of rotors compatible and adaptable to other brands